My name is Dr. Charles "Chic" Shaver, and I am presently serving Christ as an evangelist commissioned by the Church of the Nazarene. My most common ministry is to be engaged by a local church to hold a spiritual renewal week, also called a revival. It is a time of spiritual intensity, usually resulting in considerable spiritual breakthrough and progress by individuals. Most often, we begin on Saturday with a four-hour seminar on Witnessing Without Fear or Lord, Teach Us to Pray. Then, Sunday morning and Sunday through Wednesday nights, there is preaching. In most of these services, there is a clear call made for spiritual commitment.

Other ministries I do include

Camp Meetings - Involves preaching or teaching once or twice a day for a week. Multiple churches (from 10-100) are encouraged to participate.
Lay Retreats - Weekend speaking engagement to laity from many churches
Pastor Training in Evangelism - Usually taught on a two- or three- day block. Some churches have brought me in for six weeks and taken me, each week, to a smaller zone on the district.
Pastor and Spouses Retreats - Ministry to help and encourage pastor families.
Evangelism Conferences - Speaking engagements
Witnessing without Fear Seminars - A four-hour seminar to help people get over the fear of witnessing.
I offer to go on personal witness calls in most of the above situations.

Most places wish for me to bring books, CDs, and DVDs. I've authored on witnessing, discipleship, and Bible study. These publications cover a wide range from Basic Bible Studies for New Christians to People, Sex, and God to Living in the Power of the Spirit, to Witnessing Without Fear.
I have preached and taught in Billy Graham schools, interdenominational camps, Nazarene, United Methodist, Wesleyan and Baptist churches, Church of God (Holiness), Friends, and the Salvation Army.
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"The witnessing seminar that you taught was a blessing to many of our people who desire to be a witness for Christ and seek to overcome some of their fears in sharing their faith. The training opened some people's eyes to the importance of using one's own testimony to influence others."

Pastor Wayne Krell
Mifflinburg, PA

"Now we know what to do with the new converts!"

Pastor Jeff Hines
Sharpsburg, GA

"As a district we took in a record number of new Nazarenes this year. By that I mean a record for my tenure in Alaska (5 years). We doubled last year's amount. I attribute that to two emphases. The Witnessing Without Fear seminar and an emphasis we made to increase the intercessory prayer across our district.'

Dr. Michael Couch
District Superintendent, Alaska

"We just finished an incredible revival with Dr. Chic Shaver. I have had him at other churches in the past and I was eager to have him do Revival for us at Ottumwa Trinity. This was the best Revival I have ever had to this point. Dr. Shaver spoke GOD's message and the altars were filled by Christians and sinners alike every time an altar call was given. Dr. Shaver was articulate, humorous, and presented a clear well thought sermon every time. He cared deeply for our people and their relationship with an almighty GOD and it showed. He knows how to relate extremely well with all types of people and I saw him get our "skeptics" to open up to him and listen to his messages. We had people get saved, several seek sanctification, and many moved closer to GOD through our services."

Rev. Mark Eigsti
Ottumwa, Iowa